Satans Fast food
Ok, let me get your faith straight So you ordered a large money,power,fame, and a side of respect/
This is a huge meal Im just making sure your orders correct
You want five cars, two house and chains made out of gold/Right now we are only excepting sprits but my boss may have change for your soul
We have the best premarital sex,Whats the point of "just waiting" forget aids we all die anyway ,we live fast here at satans
We sell all kind of religions ..Athiest, masons, O and we make some good fried christians but thats a hell of a payment
Did you want fresh boil bibles how we make those you say, we never use em if you dont buy em we just throw em away
Hey! I forgot we have a two for one special if you bring a friend you get more food from the devil
And everybody comes here when they come from the club empty souls get filled with sin until they tremble & bust

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